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The University Of Rajshahi, briefly RU, is one of the largest Universities in Bangladesh and the largest in the northern part of Bangladesh, established on 6 July 1953 after the immediate inception of Pakistan.

It is most familiar as Rajshahi University 68 years since its establishment. Rajshahi University has a great contribution to the way of improvement of the northern people in every phase.

Spreading the education of light worldwide, the University stands up proudly and catches up with millions of people’s minds who are very interested to know more about the RU. That’s why today I am here with a little bit of information. I hope all this information will help you understand more about Rajshahi University.

Rajshahi University (RU)

Millions of people cherish in mind to know the University Of Rajshahi (RU). University Of Rajshahi (RU) is a popular and reputed University In Rajshahi that meets the higher educational needs of the northern part of Bangladesh students. RU has a 50-year Master Plan to run the University properly and keep its reputation intact.

It is the third-largest university with great academic bodies and other institutions. Its accommodation, environment, atmosphere, and educational systems are unique, and here, you will be able to get details on these topics. So let’s get started.

  • Type: Public
  • Established: 6 July 1953; 68 years ago
  • Affiliation: University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
  • Chancellor: President of Bangladesh
  • Vice-Chancellor: Golam Shabbir Sattar[1]
  • Academic staff: 1,800 (December 2015)
  • Students: 38,291(2019)[2]
  • Undergraduates: 15,258 (December 2015)
  • Postgraduates: 9,125 (December 2015)
  • Doctoral students: 2,112 (December 2015)
  • Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh 24.370°N 88.637°E
  • Campus: Urban, 305 ha (753 acres)
  • Language: Bengali, English
  • Website:

RU Emblem

The emblem of Rajshahi University represents many things before us. There is a circle in this emblem that means the world. An open book is shown in red and gold: red represents one of the colors of the national flag and gold the value of education. The body of the book is blue, the color of the sky, and at the center is a Shapla flower (Nymphaeaceae), the national flower of Bangladesh.

RU Location & Area Of RU

University Of Rajshahi (RU) is located in the green premises of Motihar, which is very close to the mighty river the Padma and seven km. Away from the Rajshahi City. Rajshahi University has a vast green campus of 305 ha (753 acres), and the three security gates control the wall-off campus. Anyone can be amazed to see the overall beauty of the University.

Academic Bodies of RU

RU has been spreading its academic body over time since its emergence. Rajshahi University contains the largest educational body. Presently, RU has 12 faculties, 59 academic Departments, 6 affiliated institutions, and 19 affiliated colleges.

RU Faculty and Department

Here is the information on RU faculties and departments. RU has 12 RU faculties, and RU has opened 59 departments under them.

Department  Seat (Unit Wise)

Faculty of Arts

Philosophy Click Here
History Click Here
English Click Here
Bengali Click Here
Islamic History  & Culture Click Here
Arabic Click Here
Islamic Studies Click Here
Music Click Here
Theatre Click Here
Persian Language and Literature Click Here
Urdu Click Here
Sanskrit Click Here

Faculty of Fine Arts

Graphic design, crafts & history of art Click Here
Painting, printmaking & Oriental art Click Here
Ceramics & sculpture Click Here

Faculty of Law

Law Click Here
Law and Land Administration Click Here
Faculty of Engineering
Textile Engineering Click Here
Information and Communication Engineering (ICE) Click Here
Computer Science & Engineering Click Here
Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Click Here
Materials Science and Engineering Click Here
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Click Here

Faculty of Social Science

Economics Click Here
Political Science Click Here
Social Work Click Here
Sociology Click Here
Mass Communication and Journalism Click Here
Information Science & Library Management Click Here
Public Administration Click Here
Anthropology Click Here
Folklore Click Here
International Relations Click Here

Faculty of Business Studies

Finance Click Here
Accounting & Information Systems Click Here
Marketing Click Here
Management Studies Click Here
Banking & Insurance Click Here
Tourism & Hospitality Management Click Here

Faculty of Science

Mathematics Click Here
Physics Click Here
Chemistry Click Here
Statistics Click Here
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Click Here
Pharmacy Click Here
Population Science and Human Resource Development Click Here
Applied Mathematics Click Here
Physical Education and Sports Sciences Click Here

Faculty of Agriculture

Agronomy and Agricultural Extension Click Here
Crop Science and Technology Click Here

Faculty of Geosciences

Geography & Environmental Studies Click Here
Geology & Mining Click Here

Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Veterinary & Animal Sciences Click Here

Faculty of Fisheries

Fisheries Click Here

Faculty of Biological Sciences

Psychology Click Here
Botany Click Here
Zoology Click Here
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Click Here
Clinical Psychology Click Here
Microbiology Click Here

Under the 12 faculties, there is a total of 59 departments.

RU Name of Institutes

  • Institute of Bangladesh Studies
  • Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Institute of Business Administration
  • Institute of Education and Research
  • Institute of Environmental Science
  • Institute of English and Other Languages

RU Affiliated Colleges & Institutions

Rajshahi University has 10 affiliated Govt. Medical Colleges, 2 Govt. Dental colleges, 4 Govt. Nursing colleges, 1 Govt. Medical institute, 1 Govt.Sericulture Research & Training Institute, and 1 Bangladesh Police Academy.

Also, 14 Non-Government Medical Colleges, 4 Non-Government Dental Colleges, 2 Non-Government Medical Institutes, 10 Non-Government Nursing Colleges, 10 Non-Government Engineering, Tech & Agriculture Colleges, and 9 Non-Government Agriculture colleges.

RU Schools

  • Rajshahi University School
  • Sheikh Russel Model School

RU Admission

Rajshahi University is a public university, and so it takes annual admission intending to admit new students. Thousands of students sit for the RU admission test every year and get admitted here. RU catches the eyes of even the citizens of foreign countries, so hundreds of students come here to take higher education.

For any admission-related information, visit RU Admission Details.

RU Mission & Vission of RU

Rajshahi Univerisity operates based on some mission, visions, and core values. Rajshahi Univerisity has already achieved some mission, core values on 11/11/2019. Here is all the information step by step.

Vision of RU

  1. The mission is to pursue enlightenment and creativity, producing world-class human resources to
    cater for the needs of changing time.

Mission of RU

  1. To ensure a world-class curriculum with talented academicians and a conducive academic and research environment for generating and disseminating knowledge.
  2. To maintain international standards in education with a focus on both knowledge and skills and humanitarian and ethical values to meet the needs of the society and state.
  3.  To develop strategic partnerships with leading national and international universities and organizations for academic and research collaborations.

Core values

  1. We uphold the spirit of the war of liberation in all aspects of life.
  2. Maintaining honesty and integrity and showing mutual respect.
  3. Practicing openness, accountability, and transparency in all academic and administrative affairs
  4. Ensuring justice for all irrespective of gender, caste, disability, belief, and religion
  5. Inspiring innovation and youth leadership

RU Library

A library is mainly a storehouse of a huge collection of books that is the prerequisite of an educational institution to improve the growth of the learners. Rajshahi Univerisity has the most extensive library with a three-story building where is a big collection of books and journals committed to supporting the overall vision, mission, and programs of the University.

The central library of RU is located at the heart center of the University with a comfortable inside environment. Presently it contains 3,50,000 books, 40,000 journal volumes, and periodicals.

RU Residential Halls & Campus Life

In the Rajshahi Univerisity, students come from very far, even from overseas, and for their proper accommodation, RU houses residential halls for both boys and girls separately. Rajshahi Univerisity has 18 residential halls, 11 for boys and 6 for girls, and all the hostels are named after some reputed heroic personality of this country. All these halls accommodated around 10,000 students, but some common facilities are not available here.

  1. Sher-e-Bangla Fazlul Haque Hall
  2. Shah Makhdum Hall
  3. Nawab Abdul Latif Hall
  4. Syed Amir Ali Hall
  5. Shahid Shamsuzzoha Hall
  6. Shahid Habibur Rahman Hall
  7. Motihar Hall
  8. Madar Baksh Hall
  9. Shahid Sohrawardi Hall
  10. Shahid Ziaur Rahman Hall
  11. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
  12. Monnujan Hall
  13. Begum Rokeya Hall
  14. Tapashi Rabeya Hall
  15. Begum Khaleda Zia Hall
  16. Rahamatunnesa Hall
  17. Bongomata Sheikh Fazilatun-nesa Hall
  18. Shaheed Mir Abdul Qauyum Int’l Dormitory

RU Facilities

Rajshahi University provides various facilities to its learners that persuade them to gain knowledge from academic books and other sources.

  • Residence Hall
  • Varendra Research Museum
  • Academic Building
  • Medical Center
  • Physical Education
  • Different Associations
  • Internet and Computing
  • Science Workshop
  • Central Science Lab

Also, for the reader’s convenience, a lot of information has been omitted from the article to make it concise. If you are interested in knowing more details, it will be better to visit Rajshahi University or RU Details.

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