Jahangirnagar University Subject List & Seats

Jahangirnagar University Subject List & Seats (All Unit)

Most of us don’t know about Jhangirnagar University subjects lists and seats against the subjects. This is why they fall in great confusion during the admission test on which unit they will apply for admission.

In this article, I have provided the JU all subject lists of all the faculties divided into 10 units. Also, you will get the seat number for each of the departments.

JU All Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Jahangirnagar University is the largest and most popular university in Bangladesh. So there is a great dedication that works in the mind of the students to get admitted here and pursue their studies.

But when they try for admission, they face significant problems as they have no idea about the faculties, departments, and the seats against the departments and the units. That’s why I am here to remove all your confusion by providing detailed information on this topic.

JU A Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Here you will get Jahangirnagar University A Unit subject lists and seats. From here, you will know what faculties and departments are under the A unit and how many seats are fixed for each department.

Unit Faculty Department Seats





Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences


 Chemistry 85
Computer Science and Engineering 50
 Environmental sciences 35
 Geological Science 40
 Mathematics 70
Physics 70
Statistics 65

JU B Unit Subject Lists & Seats

JU B-unit subject lists and seats are available here. B-unit refers to Social Science faculty, and in this faculty, there is a total of 6 disciplines.

Unit Faculty Department Seats





Social Science

 Economics 75
 Anthropology 60
 Geography and Environment 60
 Government and Politics 65
 Public Administration 50
 Urban and Regional Planning 35

JU C Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Arts and Humanities faculty is in the JU C unit. All the subjects of Arts and Humanities faculty are in this unit. There are 9 subjects here.

Unit Faculty Department Seats







Arts and Humanities


 Archaeology 35
 Bangla 65
Drama and Dramatics 30
 English 65
Fine Arts 30
 History 65
 International Relations 55
 Journalism and Media Studies 25
 Philosophy 70

JU D Unit Subject Lists & Seats

JU D Unit refers to the Biological Science faculty. Under this faculty, there are 7 subjects, and all the department contains a lot of seats.

Unit Faculty Department
D Biological Science

Botany 60
Zoology 60
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 65
Microbiology 35
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering 35
Public Health and Informatics 40
Pharmacy 55

JU E Unit Subject Lists & Seats

The Bachelor of  Business Administration(BBA) deals with the E Unit. In this Era, BBA is the most demandable faculty. Every year, many students appear on the JU E unit admission test. Here, I have provided the JU E Unit subject list.

Unit Faculty Department
E Business Studies Finance & Banking 58
Marketing 60
Accounting and Information Systems 60
Management Studies 60

JU F Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Here is the faculty name of the Law faculty. There is only one subject here. Law is the only subject in this faculty.

Unit Faculty Department Seat
F Law Law & Justice 60

JU G Unit Subject Lists & Seats

G Unit Unit belongs to Information Technology and Comparative Literature subjects. There are two subjects in this G unit.

Unit Faculty Subject  Seats
G IIT Information Technology 50
Literature Bangabandhu & Literature ——-

JU H Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Institute of Business Administration(IBA) belongs to the H unit. There is only one subject in this H unit. In this department, there are 50 seats for the students.

Unit Faculty Subjects Seats
H IBA Institute of Business Administration 50

JU I Unit Subject Lists & Seats

JU I unit has been connected recently, and it refers to Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture.

Unit Faculty Department Seats
I Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture Available Seat

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