Dhaka University C Unit Subject List

Dhaka University C Unit Subject List & Seat | DU C Unit Subject List & Seat

Do you want to know the DU C unit subject list & seat? You can know it on this website. You know, Dhaka University is the most popular Public university in Bangladesh. A lot of students want to admit Dhaka University for its popularity.

I have written about the DU C unit subject lists in this blog. If you read this article, you will be able to know the C unit subject lists of D. So read this full article to know more information about the DU C unit subjects list.

DU C Unit Subject List & Seats

C unit is only for Commerce background students. Students who want to migrate from the science group to Humanities and commerce can try the DU C unit. Subject list of DU D Unit is essential for selecting the right subject.

Dhaka University C Unit offers 1250 seats for business studies students. There are nine subjects in this unit and faculty. I have given the C Unit subjects list below.

Subject Seats
Management 180
Accounting and Information System 180
Marketing 180
Finance 180
Banking and Insurance 180
Management and Information System 180
Tourism and Hospitality Management 180
International Business 180
Organization Strategy and Leadership 35

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DU C Unit Subject List Image File

I have also uploaded the C Unit subject list as an image file. Now you can download it as an image file. See the image file below.

DU C Unit Subject List

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C Unit has many valuable subjects; C unit means Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA). On this website, we provide such types of information. If you want more information, stay connected with us.

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