Dhaka University B Unit Subject List & Seats

Dhaka University B Unit Subject List & Seats | DU B Unit Subject List & Seats

Dhaka University is the oldest and one of the biggest universities in Bangladesh. It has many institutes, faculties, and subjects. Dhaka University authority has divided all the faculty into different units. These units are also known as  A unit,  Kha unit, and Ga unit. B Unit is only for the students of the Humanities group. In this blog post, I will tell you about the DU B Unit subject list. After reading this article you will be able to know about the DU B Unit in all subjects. So, read this full article to know DU B Unit subject list.

DU B Unit Subject List

DU B Unit Seat is only for the students of the Humanities group. Only the humanities background students will attend the DU B Unit admission test. For admission purposes, the faculties are combinedly by taking the admission test of Dhaka University of Bangladesh. Here I have tried to give you the DU B Unit subject list.

Faculty/Institute Subject Name Seats 
Faculty of Arts Bangla 32
English 25
Arabic 30
Persian Language and Literature 30
Urdu 50
Sanskrit 30
Pali and Buddhist Studies 30
History 30
Philosophy 30
Islamic Studies 40
Islamic History and Culture 40
Information technology and Library management 20
Theatre and Performance Studies 10
Linguistics 35
Music 30
World Religion and Culture 40
Dance 20
Social Science Faculty Economics 78
Political Science 100
International Relation 50
Sociology 40
Mass Communication and Journalism 33
Public Administration 60
Anthropology 25
Population Science 30
Peace and Conflict Studies 25
Women and Gender Studies 25
Development Studies 15
Television, Film, and Photography 20
Criminology 40
Communication Disorders 20
Print and Publication Studies 20
Japanese studies 45
Law Faculty Law 65
Earth and Environment Science Faculty Geography and Environment 20
Biological Faculty Psychology 30
Social Welfare Institute Social Welfare 15
Health Economics Institute Health Economics 30
Teaching and Research Institute Education (B. Ed) 60
Disaster Management Institute Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies 30
Modern Language Institute English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 15
French Language and Culture (FLC) 15
Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) 15
Japanese Language and Culture (JLC) 15

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