DU A Unit Subject Lists & Seats

Dhaka University A Unit Subject List & Seats | DU A Unit Subject List & Seats

Dhaka University A Unit subject list & seats | DU A Unit subject list & seats are available here. Are looking for Dhaka University’s all-unit subject lists and seats? I think you have already come to the right place to get DU subject lists. Dhaka University is the highest excellence in academics. It is the oldest university in Bangladesh.

Almost all the students want to admit Dhaka University for its excellence. It is a great opportunity for the students they can all unit subjects listed on this website. So, read this blog post to know more information about the Dhaka University subjects list. Check DU A unit question bank of previous years if you need.

Dhaka University Subject Lists A Unit & Seat

For your convenience, I have gathered here the A Unit ( Ka Unit) unit subjects list. It is essential information for the students who are going to admit to the A Unit.  There is a total of 1795 seats for the science students in Dhaka University A Unit.

If a student takes part in DU A unit (Ka Unit), then he should know about the DU A (Ka Unit) Unit Subjects list. We provide all the subject listings according to the faculty of A Unit. See it below.

Faculty/ Institute
Subject Name Seats
Faculty of Sciences Physics 140
Mathematics 130
Chemistry 90
Statistics 88
Applied Mathematics 70
Faculty of Biological Sciences Soil, Water, and Environment Science 120
Botany 75
Zoology. 100
Biochemistry and Motivation Science. 60
Psychology 50
Microbiology. 40
Fisheries 40
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 17
Pharmacy Faculty Pharmacy 65
Earth and Environment Science Faculty Geography and environment 50
Geology 50
Oceanography 25
Disaster science and management 30
Engineering & Technology Faculty Electrical and Electronic Engineering 70
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry 60
Computer Science and Engineering 60
Nuclear engineering 25
Robotics and Mechanics Engineering 20
Statistics Institute Applied statistics 50
Nutrition and Food Science Institute Nutrition and Food Science 35
Information Technology Institute Software engineering 30
Lather Engineering and Technology Institute Leather engineering 50
Footwear engineering 50
Leather Products Engineering 50
Education and Research Institute Physical Sciences 30
Biological Science 25
  Total Seats 1795

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