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The University of Dhaka, simply DU, standing with self-glory in the capital of Bangladesh, is the largest and oldest university in Bangladesh that has been spreading worldwide the light o knowledge and truth since it was established. It is a centenary university of the country.

Dhaka University is a reputed and well-known university familiar inside and outside of the country. The people in and out of the country have great desperation to know about the university. To make their wishes come true, I am going to write about the DU university in detail so that all such knowledge-seeking people who want to know about Dhaka University can be self-satisfied even a little bit.

All About University Of Dhaka Campus

The motto শিক্ষাই আলো  (Education is Light) is the primary goal, and with this in mind, the DU has been running its activities since its introductory. There are many things to know about Dhaka University for the learners. The history of DU is vibrant and extensive.

There is an excellent combination of many departments under faculties, affiliated institutions, research institutions, etc. Though it is very tuff to express information about the DU, I have tried my best to add it here so that all the knowledge-seeking people can know about DU.

University Of Dhaka campus

Dhaka University Establishment

Dhaka University was mainly established in 1921 during the British period, and it was the affiliated institution of the University of Kolkata. Among the eminent persons who have worked behind the establishment of DU are Nawab Sir Salimullah, Nawab Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury, and Sher-e-Bangla Ake Fazlul Haque.

Primarily, Dhaka University has made its journey with 3 Faculties: Arts, Science and Law; 12 Departments- Sanskrit and Bengali, English, Education, History, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Persian and Urdu, Philosophy, Economics and Politics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Law. For more, visit DU Establishment.

DU Academic Bodies

Dhaka University is formed with a great number of academic bodies. It has the largest figure of a number of Faculties, Departments, Institutes, Constituent Colleges, Affiliated Colleges. There are 13 faculties, 83 departments, 13 institutions, 56 research centers and bureaus, 105 constituent colleges and institutes, and 7 affiliated colleges. 

Dhaka University Admission 

Dhaka University arranged annual admission tests to admit the students. Secondary school certificate (SSC) and higher secondary certificate (HSC) or foreign equivalent and admission test are the requirements of DU admission. At Dahaka University, students come from inside this country and come from overseas to take higher and quality education. Presently Dahaka University offers,

Residencial Hostel

Dhaka University contains the largest student body, so the authority has set up many halls for students’ residences. Presently Dahaka University has a total of 24 halls. Salimullah Muslim Hall, sir AF Rahman hall, Rokeya Hall, Jagannath Hall, IBA hostel, Muhsin Hall, Shahidullah Hall, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall Fazlul Haque Hall are particularly noteworthy. 

Contribution In Language Movement & Liberation War

The contribution in both the Language movement and the liberation war is unavoidable. Firstly, the students of the DU roared against the Pakistani Occupied forces to free our country, and consequently, many of the students had to sacrifice their lives and shed blood. The road became crimson with the blood of the DU students. 

DU Research

Since Dhaka University consists of almost all the academic programs and departments, there are all kinds of research practices. Over the years, DU has published various studies and gained an excellent reputation nationally and internationally. Even right now, there are some of the researches under processing. DU has a great collaboration with the world’s top universities in terms of research. For the research, DU has,

  1. Research Centers
  2. Bureau of Economic Research
  3. Bureau of Business Research
  4. Bose Center for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences
  5. Renewable Energy Research Centre
  6. Delta Research Centre

DU Libraries

The importance of the library in raising the quality of education is unavoidable. The library is an integral part of an educational institution. Library enhances the speed of the requiring education of the students. Dhaka University also has a library with an enormous body of books and a great collection of books in various categories.

In DU, there are three categories of libraries; Central Library, Science Library, and E-Library. Central Library is located at the Arts Faculty Campus on the Southside of Central Mosque; Science Library is at the Mukarram Hosain Campus (Doel Chattar). DU library contains a Computer Room,
Borrowers ID Card Room, Hardware Maintenance Room. Daily a number of DU students study at the DU library.

Dhaka University Rankings

In terms of education quality, Dhaka University has been placed at the top rank in the world’s famous universities list. In a 2011-12 survey published by the QS World University Rankings, DU came up in the world’s top university lists and ranked 551 out of 30000 Universities.

In the 2015-16 survey, DU also ranked 654th position among the top 800 globally reputed universities, and126th position in Asia, and 701–750 position in the world. According to the British magazine reporting “Times Higher Education,” DU ranks 191–200 in the 2016 Asia University ranking.

Although it is entirely impossible to publish Dhaka University in writing, I have tried to inform you briefly. If you want to know more about the DU, then visit Dhaka University or DU details.

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