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All About Rabindra University, Bangladesh

Rabindra University briefly RUB is a general category recently established university in Bangladesh. In 2017, Rabindra University, Bangladesh, started its journey as the 40th government university in the country. Its permanent campus will be constructed about 6 km west of Shahjadpur Upazila town of Sirajganj.

Currently, educational activities are running on temporary campuses in three colleges of Shahjadpur city. Dr. Biswajit Ghosh, Professor of the Bangla Department of Dhaka University, took charge as the first Vice-Chancellor of this University.

History Rabindra University, Bangladesh

Rabindra University, Bangladesh, is a government-funded public university located at Shahzadpur, Sirajganj. It is the 40th university in Bangladesh, according to the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh.

Not much time has passed since the establishment of the university, and still, now the university has been undergoing significant challenges to become sovereign and self-sufficient.

Rabindra University Campus
Rabindra University Campus
  • Type: Public University
  • Established: 2017
  • Chancellor: President Abdul Hamid
  • Vice-Chancellor: Md. Shah Azam
  • Location: Robindro kachori bari, Shahjadpur Upazila, Sirajganj, Bangladesh
  • Website: www.rub.ac.bd

Rabindra University Establishment Background

Rabindra University, Bangladesh, is the 40th public university in Bangladesh established in 2017. The university was not established in one day; after a long struggle and effort, it has come to its present stage.

There is a thinking to people, especially the people of Robindro Kachori Bari, Shahjadpur, that there should be a university after the name of Rabindranath Thakur in this historical place where Bisso Kabi (World Poet) spent most of the time in his life to immortalize his memory. Today’s university is based on thinking. Finally, in 2017, the university was established.

Rabindra University Location & Area

Rabindra University is in the Robindro kachori bari, Shahjadpur Upazila, Khukni Road, Sirajganj, Bangladesh. The university is next to the Robindro Kachori Bari and Rabindra Sriti Jado Ghar (Robindra Memorial Museum).

Rabindra University Academic Body

Rabindra University, Bangladesh, has been broadening its academic body spreading to other departments and institutions. Right now, the university has four faculties and some disciplines under the faculty.

Rabindra University Faculty

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Social Science
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Music & Dance

Rabindra University Admission

Robindro University, Bangladesh, is a public university, and so every year, the university tasks admission on Undergraduate and Graduate programs with the other public universities. In the 2020-21 academic year, RUB has taken its admission with other 19 public universities under GST.

Campus Facilities

Rabindra University, Bangladesh, is a newly established university, so all the facilities and services are not available here, but most of the common facilities are under processing. RUB has already arranged some essential facilities for its students and staff. Librarys, Residential Halls, Medical Centers, ICT cells, etc., are among them.


The library is now an integral part of an educational institution. An excellent volume of books, journals, and other knowledge-based information makes the students’ talents on different topics make them fit for any future competitions.

There is also a library at Rabindra University, Bangladesh, but not too long ago was established. Hence, the library is not so rich yet, and hardly any facilities are available here. However, the authority has been working to make the library rich with various types of books, journals, and others.

RUB Journals & Books

Rabindra University, Bangladesh, publishes journals and books on various topics regularly. Students of the university read journals and books. Anyone can submit their article for publication in the RUB Journal. Here is the journal and book published by RUB.


Mujibcorner is one of the main attractions of RUB University, where you will get detailed information on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. From there the students will be able to get huge information, books, journals, research about Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and also be able to rich your memory.

That’s all I have for you. As RUB is a recently established university, it is almost impossible to know enough information about it. But over time, I will add more information to enrich and inform this article. For more, you may visit www.rub.ac.bd.

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