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SUST Subject List Of All Unit (2023)

SUST is the most famous Science & Technology  University in Bangladesh. It has great value in Bangladesh. Most science background students want to appear in the SUST admission test. So, they should have clear knowledge about SUST in all unit subjects.

I have written and given the SUST all unit subject lists in this blog post. You should read this full article to know the SUST subject list. Read this full article.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology A Unit Subject List

SUST A Unit belongs to the Arts & Social Science faculty. There are some subjects in this faculty. Suppose you want to appear in the SUST A unit admission test. You should know all subjects of the SUST A unit.

Departments Science + Arts + Commerce
Economics(ECO) 40+20+5=65
Sociology(SOC) 30+30+5=65
Political Studies 20+40+5=65
Public Administration(PAD) 20+40+5=65
Anthropology(ANP) 20+40+5=65
Social Work(SCW) 20+35+5=65
Business Administration(BAN) 35+10+25=70
English(ENG) 25+35+5=65
Bangla(BNG) 5+55+5=65
Geography & Environmental (GEE) 0+5+0=5
Total Seats 595

SUST B Unit Subject List

Science & Technology faculty refers to the SUST B unit. Only science background students can take the SUST B Unit admission test. There are some subjects in this faculty. I have given it below. You should see this list.

Group Department Seats
Science Physics (PHY) 60
Chemistry(CHE) 60
Mathematics(MAT) 70
Statistics(STA) 70
Geography & Environment (GEE) 25
Life Science Foresrty and Environmental Science(FES) 50
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology(GEB) 30
Food & Tea Technology (FIT) 40
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) 30
Applied Science Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 60
Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP) 50
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) 50
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) 50
Petroleum & Georesources Engineering (PGE) 50
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) 30
Architecture (ARC) 30
Total Seats 735

SUST Subject List C Unit

C unit means the Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA). There is only one subject in this unit. I have given the subject list. See it below.

Subject  Faculty
Management & Business Administration BBA

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  1. Sust er food and tea technology subject ta kmn?? I mean ei subject er reputation ki bhalo sust? Ami asole ai matter e Jani nah so jante chacchilm..!!
    Ami jotodur Jani food and nutrition science hocche mul nam bt ekhane nutrition er jaygay tea technology dawa tahole ki Du r sust er subject bhinno? Diu Soho jotogulo public r private university ase shobjaygatei nutrition science lekha subject er nam bt sust ei alada..! R sust eo ki subject e bau n du er moto demand ase?? Sust te eta pore to nutritionist Howa jay as Du or other university tai na??
    Kindly aktu janale khu khusi hotam 🥺
    Thank you

    1. The Department of Food Engineering & Tea Technology at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The department started its academic functioning during the session 2004-05 as “Tea Technology”, and later, in 2006, the name was changed to “Food & Tea Technology” and finally, in 2010, it became a full-fledged engineering department as “Food Engineering & Tea Technology” with the most contemporary and an innovative curriculum to meet the ever-increasing demands of the manpower equipped with comprehensive and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of food engineering and tea technology. The department is uniquely equipped to train the students through academic and professional orientations to take appropriate and realistic approaches to planning, operating, managing and developing the nation’s agro-industries as well as other allied agencies. The department is also dynamic with changing activities and programs to meet the rapid technological developments in food and tea science with allied applied sciences focusing on food processing and safety management and production of tea from farm to table. The courses of the department are designed on the perception of food for health, and thereby they guarantee food product diversification for consumer satisfaction. The course curriculum is continuously reviewed and updated with the latest course contents. Undergraduate students are bound to undergo a month-long training program on “Quality Control and Unit Operations in Food Industry” in the Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI) which is the central training Institute of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC). In addition, they have to participate in industrial attachment for two-week with different food and tea industries to get hands on experiences toward proceeding to successful completion of thier graduation. Furthermore, each and every student has to take mandatory theses/projects prescribed by the department in his/her terminal semester. Masters and PhD programs have been introduced to meet the ongoing students’ demand. The graduates of this department are employed both home and abroad across a wide range of food and tea related world’s leading companies, research institutes and also in different public and private universities as faculty members. The faculties, students and staffs constantly belong to social responsibilities that reflect in their researches and all other academic and co curricular activities.

  2. Is FES a good subject at SUST??
    Can I develope the forestry system of Bangladesh to study from SUST??

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Forestry and Environmental Science(FES) is a really good subject for you if you want to build your career in this sector.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Thisk is the list of the previous year and after the GST admission test, SUST will re-published their new Subject List Of All Unit and we will update this information.

  3. Vaia, I have got 65.5 in total but my mathematics marks is around 9 in GST ADMISSION TEST 2022. Will I get CSE in SUST? 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. SUST hasn’t published its application yet, after announcing the application notice, the seat number will be informed.

  4. Will it be a good dcsn to choose sust over ruet for the same subject (such as eee,me,civil,Ipe,Chemical eng)
    NB I have a soft corner for sust
    Ive secured position in both of them.but now im hesitating if its a good dcsn or not.

  5. Assalamualaikum vaiya..
    I have got 61.75 in gst admission 2022 from science unit..
    I have not answered math..
    Will I get any subject from biological faculty or any common subject like English…??

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