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SUST Subject List Of All Unit (2022)

SUST is the most famous Science & Technology  University in Bangladesh. It has great value in Bangladesh. Most science background students want to appear in the SUST admission test. So, they should have clear knowledge about SUST in all unit subjects.

I have written and given the SUST all unit subject lists in this blog post. You should read this full article to know the SUST subject list. Read this full article.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology A Unit Subject List

SUST A Unit belongs to the Arts & Social Science faculty. There are some subjects in this faculty. Suppose you want to appear in the SUST A unit admission test. You should know all subjects of the SUST A unit.

Departments Science + Arts + Commerce
Economics(ECO) 40+20+5=65
Sociology(SOC) 30+30+5=65
Political Studies 20+40+5=65
Public Administration(PAD) 20+40+5=65
Anthropology(ANP) 20+40+5=65
Social Work(SCW) 20+35+5=65
Business Administration(BAN) 35+10+25=70
English(ENG) 25+35+5=65
Bangla(BNG) 5+55+5=65
Geography & Environmental (GEE) 0+5+0=5
Total Seats 595

SUST B Unit Subject List

Science & Technology faculty refers to the SUST B unit. Only science background students can take the SUST B Unit admission test. There are some subjects in this faculty. I have given it below. You should see this list.

Group Department Seats
Science Physics (PHY) 60
Chemistry(CHE) 60
Mathematics(MAT) 70
Statistics(STA) 70
Geography & Environment (GEE) 25
Life Science Foresty and Environmental Science(FES) 50
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology(GEB) 30
Food & Tea Technology (FIT) 40
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) 30
Applied Science Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 60
Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP) 50
Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) 50
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) 50
Petroleum & Georesources Engineering (PGE) 50
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) 30
Architecture (ARC) 30
Total Seats 735

SUST Subject List C Unit

C unit means the Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA). There is only one subject in this unit. I have given the subject list. See it below.

Subject  Faculty
Management & Business Administration BBA

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