Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh

Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh

Low-cost private university in Bangladesh. More than 92 private universities in Bangladesh, but to read in those private universities very expensive and high cost. Everyone cant read those universities for the high cost. But today I will write about the low-cost private university in Bangladesh. So read this full article to know which universities are costly low but provide good educational service.

Low-cost private university in Bangladesh

In this post, we have tried to provide most of the popular five university tuition information. If you are already searching for it. I think you are already in the right place now. just scroll down and know about the low-cost private universities in Bangladesh. You know Bangladesh is a developing country. But It has a large population which is really overloaded. So you should lead your life with economical costing. You have to know the university costing level which universities provide good service at a low cost.


Green University Tuition Fees

Green University is one of the popular private universities in Bangladesh. It has two campuses. Rokeya Saroni Campus and Purbachol Main Campus. It was founded in 2003 under the Private University Act 1992 with a vision to create a global higher education center of excellence. GUB offers students from all walks of life the advantages of an affordable, personalized education of global standards. As a modern, dynamic, and innovative institution for undergraduate and graduate students, GUB lays stress on quality education imparted by a galaxy of highly qualified, dynamic, dedicated, and well-experienced faculty members with global exposure. Here, I have provided the tuition fees of Green University. take a look below.

Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 1

Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 2

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World University Of Bangladesh Tuition Fees

The World University of Bangladesh is the most beautiful private university in Bangladesh. The World University of Bangladesh provides quality education in Bangladesh to Undergraduate, Post-graduate, and Research students. The students will bear all expenses for their education in WUB. Moreover, the expenses include an admission fee, tuition fee, food, lodging, and other incidental expenses such as purchasing of books and study materials. The student will arrange a passport, visa, health insurance, travel, etc. by himself including payments. While in Bangladesh, the student will pay tuition and other academic fees in US dollars. Other payments will be made in the Bangladesh currency. For enrollment in WUB, the student will pay tuition fees for one year (Spring, Summer, and Fall) in advance. Have a look below to see WUB’s tuition fees.
WUB tution fees
Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 3
Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 4

Canadian University Of Bangladesh Tuition Fees

Canadian University is one of the good quality universities in Bangladesh. It collaborates with a rich array of leading employers and internationally renowned educational institutions. International Faculty members with outstanding research expertise, skilled staff for providing quality service along with cutting-edge laboratories and equipment will help you develop your ideas, knowledge, and understanding for a successful future life. They are delighted that you are considering the Canadian University of Bangladesh for your higher study. Look below to its tuition fees.

Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 5

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European University Tuition Fees

I think the European University is a good service provider university at a low cost. It has a great history. It was established under the Private University Act 2010 with the approval of the Government of Bangladesh on 14th March 2012 for awarding degrees in various fields. The President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of the European University of Bangladesh. The University applies student-centered teaching and learning methods to pursue applied research and encourages creative activities with the objective of producing world-class professionals to meet national and international standards, as well as, the requirement of its graduates for their career development and employment. If you want to admit, you can admit to this university. Have a look below to see its tuition fees.

Low Cost Private University In Bangladesh 6

EU tution fees

Asian University of Bangladesh tuition fees

The Asian University of Bangladesh is a private university in Bangladesh. It was established on January 4, 1996. It was established under the private university law of 1992. The university’s permanent campus is located at Bangabandhu Road in the Tongabari area of ​​Ashulia Police Station. This is a good quality university at a low cost. to see its tuition fees take a look at the picture blew and realized what its batter for you.

asian university of bangladesh tution fees

Ahsanullah university tuition fees

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology was founded by the Ahsania Mission in 1995 on the basis of the “Private University Act 1992”, which is one of the highest quality private universities in Bangladesh. The Dhaka Ahsania Mission is a non-profit Bangladeshi voluntary organization founded by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah in 1958. The university campus located at Tejgaon in Dhaka.

Architectural and engineering, science and art and business administration and management and education are subject to undergraduate and undergraduate subjects. Ahsanullah University maintains collaboration and professional relations with the International Association of Universities, the University Grants Commission, and many other national and international educational institutions. To know about Ahsanullah university tuition fees, please take a look picture below: 

Ahsanullah university tuition fees,


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Bangladesh University (BU) tuition fees

Bangladesh University is a most popular private university located near the Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban in Dhaka. The university is established in 2001. It is one of the most top-level universities in all the University of Bangladesh. You can try to admit this university because it’s the most popular private university in Bangladesh. To know about Bangladesh University tuition fees, please take a look picture below: 

bangladesh university tuition fees

City University Bangladesh tuition fees

The city university started its academic journey in 2002. The university’s old campus was in Banani in Dhaka. However, on 1 November 2014, the campus was shifted from Banani to Panthapath near Bashundhara City.

Which is known as the university campus of the university? The University has been offering graduate and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines. The department and the faculty discussed below. The university has been teaching students of different types of educators and educators in different parts of the country. This is one of the Low-Cost Private University In Bangladesh To know about City University Bangladesh tuition fees, please take a look picture below:

city university of bangladesh

Prime University tuition fees

Prime University is one of the renowned universities in Bangladesh. It is situated in Mirpur of Dhaka. The University has five faculties under eight departments:

Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Business Education
Faculty of Industrial and Social Sciences
Faculty of Law

To know about Prime University tuition fees, please take a look picture below:

prime university tution fees

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We have tried to write five Low-Cost Private University In Bangladesh. Now you need to realize what university is better for you. chose any university and get admitted and enjoy your future. If you think this article is helpful for you, please leave a comment below.


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