Islamic University Subject List

IU Subject List: Islamic University Subject List

Islamic University subject list is here. Islamic University is one of the famous Islamic universities in Bangladesh. If you want to appear at the Islamic University, you should know the Islamic university’s subject list.

It will be very helpful to you. IU has recently published its admission circular; they have some Arabic subjects and also general category subjects.

Islamic University Subject List

In this article, I have written about Islamic University’s all-unit subject list.  I think It will helpful for you. So, read this full article to know more information.

IU A Unit Subject List

A unit is the Theology and Islamic Studies faculty. Students who wanted to admit to this faculty, appear in the Islamic University’s A unit admission test. It has only three subjects. I have given it below.

Unit Department full name Department short form Seat
A Al-Quran and Islamic Studies AQIS 80
Dawah & Islamic Studies DIS 80
Al-Hadith & Islamic Studies AHIS 80

IU B Unit Subject List

Social Science faculty refers to the B Unit. It’s a very demanding faculty. Most art background students want to admit this faculty. You should know the IU B unit subject list. See it below.

Department Shot Form Seat
Economics ECONOMICS 75
Arabic Language and Literature ARABIC 80
Bengali BENGALI 80
Islamic History and Culture IHC 80
English ENGLISH 100
Public Administration PUBAD 75
Law LAW 80
Al-Fiqh and Legal Studies ALFIQH 80
Folklore Studies FOLKLORE 80
Political Science PS 75
Law and Land Management LLM 80
Development Studies DS 75
Social Welfare SW 75
Fine Arts FINEARTS 30

IU C Unit Subject List

C unit belongs to the Bachelor of Business Faculty(BBA). only commerce background students are allowed to the C  unit admission test. I have tried to provide C Unit with all subject lists here.

Department Short Form Seat
Accounting and Information Systems AIS 75
Management MANAGEMENT 75
Finance and Banking FINANCE 75
Marketing MARKETING 75
Human Resource Management HRM 75
Tourism and Hospitality Management THM 75

IU D Unit Subject List

Engineering Faculty means D Unit of Islamic University. There are some subjects in the IU D unit admission test. I have given the IU D unit for all subjects. I have given all subjects of the D unit. You can see it below.

Department Short Form Seat
Electrical and Electronic Engineering EEE 50
Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering ACCE 50
Computer Science and Engineering CSE 50
Information and Communication Technology ICT 50
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering BTGE 50
Applied Nutrition and Food Technology ANFT 50
Mathematics MATH 50
Statistics STATISTICS 50
Biomedical Engineering BME 50
Environmental Science and Geography ESG 50
Pharmacy PHARMACY 50

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