Sheikh Hasina University (SHU), Netrokona

Sheikh Hasina University (SHU), Netrokona

Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona, is a government-financed, recently established university located in Netrokona, the northern part of Bangladesh. It is the 42nd university in the country, and not yet the construction has been completed, undergoing construction.

At the cabinet meeting, establishing Sheikh Hasina University (SHU) has been agreed upon and passed Unanimously under the chair of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

History Sheikh Hasina University (SHU)

This university is a public university in Bangladesh located in Netrokona. First, there was supposed to establish a Science & Technology University in Netrokona. Still, finally, a public university was set up named after the ruling Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  • Type: Public University
  • Established: 2018
  • Chancellor: President Abdul Hamid
  • Vice-Chancellor: Dr. Rafique Ullah Khan
  • Students: 210
  • Location: Netrokona District, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
  • Campus: 500 Acres
  • Website:

Sheikh Hasina University

SHU Location & Area

Sheikh Hasina University, a general category university, is located in Netrokona District, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The whole campus covers 500 acres of pictorial green land. It is a well-decorated university, and most of the tasks are under construction.

SHU Academic Body

As a newly established university, enough faculties and departments are not available here. But the authority has been trying enough to open all the faculty and departments. There is a total of three faculty here where only four departments.

SHU Faculty

SHU (Sheikh Hasina University) has three faculties for all departments.

  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Social Science
  • Faculty Of Arts

Faculty Of Science

  1. Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty Of Social Science

  1. Department Of Economics

Faculty Of Arts

  1. Department Of Bangla
  2. Department Of English

Sheikh Hasina University Admission

Sheikh Hasina University is a general category university, and so it has to take the admission test every year as the other public university. In the 2021-21 academic year, this university has completed its admission test with other 19 public universities under GST.

The university has been operating Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs. To get detailed Information on SHU admission, visit the following link.

SHU Campus Facilities

SHU is committed to offering huge campus facilities to the students and operating all the services there is enough place here. As the university is under construction and only four disciplines are open under three faculty members, it is almost impossible to provide enough facilities.

SHU Library

Sheikh Hasina University is committed to providing the students with an extensive, modern, and IT-based central library to improve students’ skills and make them fit for the digitalized world.

The library is not fully completed, and most of the part of the library is under construction, so it is now very tuff to provide detailed information on the library.

SHU Residential Halls

As a new university, all the essential facilities are available at Sheikh Hasina University, but most are not entirely ready for utilization, under construction. Sheikh Hasina University also has residential halls for the accommodation for the students, but they are not yet prepared.

Finally, I have tried to add detailed information about Sheikh Hasina University. There is also some information those have been deducted from this article, but information on Sheikh Hasina University is not available.

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