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National University, Bangladesh Detailed Information

National University, Bangladesh short NU is a state-run and public university. It is the largest and referred to as a parent university in Bangladesh established as an affiliating university on 21 October 1991 by the act of the parliament of Bangladesh to focus on graduate and post-graduate level education.

National University is the third-largest university in terms of student enrollment. The main campus of the university is located in Board Bazar, Gazipur- 1704, Bangladesh on a little land of 12.91 acres. NU is an autonomous and affiliating university. Its management system is decentralized and IT-based.

National University, Bangladesh operates through a number of colleges all over Bangladesh instead of a localized unitary campus. There is a title of 2300 affiliated colleges under the National University, Bangladesh among them, 2000+ government and 275 private. There are also 123 affiliated Women’s Colleges under the University.

Right now, more than 20,00,000 students are continuing to study at the National University, Bangladesh. NU offers Honors (pass) for three years, Honors for four years, Postgraduate, Advance Masters Studies, M.Phil, P.Hd, Diploma, and Professional Degrees.

National University, Bangladesh

The history of the National University of Bangladesh is very old. Not many days before, most of the people of Bangladesh were illiterate and there were a huge number of people who only could sign. To improve the education sector and make Bangladeshi literate, a number of universities have grown up and National University is one of them.

National University Bangladesh

The National University was established in 1992 by a law passed by the Parliament to modernize, improve and enhance the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum and curriculum of college education and all matters and management of affiliated colleges and professional institutes and institutes including teacher training and qualification aging.

National University Academic Body

National University is the 3rd largest university (In terms of student enrollment) in the world and so its academic formation and activities are as huge as its hugeness though its central body in Gazipuri is not so flourished.

National University Faculty & Department

National University, Bangladesh contains 6 faculties and a number of disciplines. There is also an institution named Muktajudho Bangabandhu & Bangladesh Research Institute. Also, the most important thing is NU has about 2300+ affiliated colleges around the country. For more keep reading the article from top to bottom.

Faculty Of Arts

  • Department of Arabic
  • Department of Bengali
  • Department of English
  • Department of Pali
  • Department of Sanskrit
  • Department of History
  • Department of Islamic History & Culture
  • Department of Islamic Studies
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Philosophy

Faculty Of Social Science

  • Department of Law
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Political science
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Department of Home Economics
  • Department of Information science and Library Management

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Computer science
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Statistics

Faculty of Business Studies

  • Department of BBA (Professional)
  • Department of Aviation Management
  • Department of Library Management
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Finance & Banking
  • Department of Management Studies
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Faculty of Engineering (Professionals)

  • Dept. of Aeronautical and Aviation Science and Engineering
  • Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Faculty of Life & Earth Science

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Geography & Environment Studies
  • Department of Botany

NU Affiliated Colleges

National University is an affiliating university in Bangladesh and since now the university has a total of 2300+ affiliated colleges around the country. Among all the affiliated colleges, National University has popular and top-ranked colleges. Here are the top five colleges at the national level

  • Rajshahi College, Rajshahi
  • Govt. Brojomohun (BM) College, Barisal
  • Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogra
  • Govt. Edward College, Pabna
  • Carmichael College, Rangpur

As the list of NU-affiliated colleges is very long, I have added here a link where you will get detailed overall information about the NU-affiliated colleges. Here is the link below just visit the link and know information about your desirable colleges.

National University Affiliated College

National University Admission

Every year, National University enrolls students in it by admission test. NU provides Honors courses, Degree courses, Master’s courses, Professional Courses, and also Preli to masters courses. So each year, there is a huge number of students get admitted to the university. f you are interested to get admitted national University or any National University affiliated college then visit the link and you will get all the NU admission-related information.

National University Syllabus

National University offers all types of degrees to students. NU has Honors degrees, Degree pass courses, Master’s courses, Professional Degrees, and also Preliminary to Masters courses. There is a number of subjects under these courses. And here, you are going to get the syllabus of all the courses.

National University Honors Syllabus

National University offers honors, a four-year course to the students. There is a total of 30 courses in this course and Bangla, English, Pali, Sanskrit, History, Islamic History & Culture, Islamic Studies, BBA, Aviation Management, Accounting, Finance & Banking, etc.

Serial No Faculty & Department Serial No Faculty & Department
1 Humanities 18 Physics
2 Bangla 19 Chemistry
3 English 20 Biochemistry
4 Arabic 21 Botany
5 Sanskrit 22 Zoology
6 History 23 Soil Science
7 (Islamic History & Culture 24 Statistics
8 Philosophy 25 Mathematics
9 (Islamic Studies 26 Environmental Science
10 Political Science 27 Geography and Environment
11 Sociology 28 Psychology
12 Social Work 29 Marketing
13 Economics 30 Finance
14 Anthropology
15 Library & Information Science
16 (Home Economics
17 B. A. (Honours) in Music

Degree Pass Syllabus

Degree pass is a three-year term course. Thousands of students of this country take degree courses in different disciplines. The three-year term Degree courses are,

  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Bachelor Of Science
  • Bachelor Of Music
  • Bachelor Of Social Science
  • Bachelor Of Business Studies
  • Bachelor Of Sports
  • Specialized Household Economy

Masters Syllabus

National University includes a number of courses for the Masters course. In this course, there are around 30 departments under five faculties.

Serial No Faculty & Department Serial No Faculty & Department
1 Master of Arts (MA) 21 Botany
2 Bangla 22 Zoology
3 English 23 Soil Science
4 Arabic 24 Statistics
5 Sanskrit 25 Mathematics
6 Pali 26 Geography and Environment
7 History 27 Psychology
8 Islamic History & Culture 28 Home Economics
9 Islamic Studies 29 Master of Business Administration (MBA)
10 Library and Information Science 30 Marketing
11 Philosophy 31 Finance
12 Master of Social Sciences (MSS) 32 Accounting
13 Political Science 33 Management
14 Sociology 34 Master of Music (M. Music) 
15 Social Work 35 Folk Music
16 Economics 36 Classical Music
17 Master of Science (MSc) 37 Nazrul Sangeet
18 Physics 38 Rabindra Sangeet
19 Chemistry
20 Bio-Chemistry

NU Professional Syllabus

National University, to make the education system timely offers Professional courses. National University offers around 25 professional courses. All the professional courses are gathered here below.

  • BSC (Hon’s) in Knitwear Manufacture & Technology (KMT)
  • BSC (Hon’s) in Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)
  • BSC (Hon’s) in Apparel Manufacture & Technology (AMT)
  • Theatre and Media Studies
  • B. P. Ed
  • M. P. Ed
  • BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • BSc (Honors) In Electronix & Communication Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration degree (MBA)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed)
  • BSC (Hon’s) in Textile Science & Technology (TST)
  • B.Ed/ B.M.Ed
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Photography
  • BSc in Aeronautical and Aviation Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) In ) in Library & Information Science
  • Theatre Studies Post-Graduate Diploma Course
  • MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • BBA (Honours) in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor Of Computer Science (Honors)
  • BSc In Fashion Design Technology

Preliminary to Masters

All the programs of the Honors level are available in the Preliminary to Masters’s levels. So focus above on the Honors level courses.

Medical Center

Medical Center is very essential and there is great importance to make the students as well also other staff and teachers fit and healthy. National University offers medical care to its concerns for ensuring a healthy and vivid mentality for all.

Right now the six-story building is under construction for the Medical center so that all the staff can get in-house services and treatment. There is also an ambulance from the medical center to tackle the emergency situation.

ICT Department

Information & Communication Technology is now of an integral part of our daily life. Especially, knowledge of the ICT sector is a must and most important to keep pace with the modern world.
National University, with a view to making the students ICT based and suitable for future obstacles introduced the ICT department. The department supports students with technology and improves the communication skills that help them to be world-standard citizens.

The ICT department is concluded in 1999 and is located on the 12th and 13th floor of the academic building of the National University, Bangladesh. The department manages a highly configurable network to run all kinds of ICT-based activities ceaselessly and perfectly.

I hope after reading the article you have come to know even a little. I know that all the information about National University Bangladesh is not added here, but I am still trying to make the article rich and informative. If you are so much hunger to get information about NU then visit

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