DUET Subject List

DUET Subject List

Are you searching for the Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology(DUET) subject list? Your searching should stop now. Because I have written about the DUET subject list in this article. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology(DUET) is the topper Engineering Technology university in Bangladesh. Every year, a lot of students want to appear on the DUET admission test. This article is especially for them.

DUET All Faculty Subject List

You have already known the Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology(DUET) is one of the top quality public Engineering University in Bangladesh. It has great value in Bangladesh. Each year, a huge number of students attend the DUET  admission test. So, students should clear knowledge about the DUET subject list.

Departments Faculty
Department of Civil Engineering (CE) Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Architecture
Institute of Water & Environment (IWE) and the Center for Climate Change & Sustainability Research.
Departments Faculty
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Institute of Information & Communication Technology (IICT)
Departments Faculty
 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Department of Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE)
 Department of Chemical and Food Engineering (FE)
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Institute of Energy Engineering (IEE).
Departments Faculty
Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) Faculty of Science
 Institute of Appropriate Technology (AT)
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS)

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