BGC Trust University Bangladesh Tuition Fee

BGC Trust University Bangladesh Tuition Fee 2023

BGC Trust University is a popular and trusted university for quality and world-class education. There is a gathering of a number of professional and tactful touches in this university. All these unique features draw the students’ attention around and out of the country, and so they look for the BGC Trust University tuition fees.

With this in mind, I have added all the tuition fees information here. If you are interested in admitting to the university, keep reading this article.

BGC Trust University Bangladesh Tuition Fee Info

Do you want to get admitted to the BGC Trust University and so you are here to get information about the BGC Trust University tuition fees? if yes, then this article is for you. Read the article carefully and I hope you will get all the information you need.

Undergraduate Programs & Fees

BGC Trust University has a total of around six undergraduate programs, and here the undergraduate program tuition fees are gathered below in this below table. Keep your focus on this table and note down all the information.

Program Monthly Fee 4-Year Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee
BBA 5,313 2,55,000 15,000/- 2,70,000/-
BS.c (Hons) In CSE 5,938 2,85,000 15,000/- 3,00,000/-
LLB (Honors) 5,720 2,75,000 15,000/- 2,90,000/-
B.A (Hons) In English 3,854 1,85,000 15,000/- 2,00,000/-
B. Pharm (Honors) 6,354 3,05,000 15,000/- 3,20,000/-
BSS In (Hons) In Journalism & Media Studies 2,813 1,35,000 15,000/- 1,50,000/-

BGC Trust University Graduate Programs & Tuition Fee

BGC Trust University graduate programs and tuition fees are accumulated here. Those eager to be admitted to the BGC Trust University graduate program should have a clear conception of this.

Program Monthly Fee In Total Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee
MBA (For BBA Graduate) 4,584/- 55,000 10,000/- 65,000
MBA 3,125 75,000 10,000/- 85,000
EMBA 3,334 60,000 10,000/- 70,000
MA In English 3,334 40,000 10,000/- 50,000

Other Charges

Besides the tuition fees, BGC Trust University includes many other fees for the student Development fees, examination fees, and grade sheet fees are not among them.

Fee Describe Fee Remarks
Development Fee 40,000 One Time For B. Pharma (Hons)
Development Fee 10,000 One  Time For BSc (Hons) In CSE
Examination Fee 1,200 Per Semester
Grade Sheet Charge 200 Per Semester
Library Card Charge 200 Per Semester
Caution Money (For Library) 500 Refundable
Academic Transcript Charge 500 After Completion of the Courses
Provisional Certificate Charge 800 After Completion of the Courses

I think all this information will be enough for you. If you need more information, please inform us via the comment below. You also may visit

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