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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) Information

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology also refers to SUST, a state-supported top-ranked public university located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. SUST is the 8th public university and 1st Science and Technology University in Bangladesh; it started its career on the 1st Phalgun (February 13, 1991).

Now some 10,922 students study here and take quality education. For the first time in Bangladesh, this is the university integrated honors course and introduced the semester system from the 1996-97 session.

SUST has spread fame and notoriety only based on its relentless efforts and activities that make it famous and unique from other universities. After its emergence, the university has to perform many reforms to timely its guidance system.

Students of this university have to take two courses on language and computers that make the remarkable change in the merit blooming of the students. SUST dreams to be a leading university of excellence in Science and Technology with a strong national commitment and significant international impact. With this in mind, the university has been forwarding.

History Of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was established on August 25, 1986, under the University Act No LXVII of 1986. SUST commenced its operation on February 14, 1991, with only three departments: Physics, Chemistry, and Economics.

In the first academic year, the university started its operation with only 13 teachers and 205 students, and right now, the university is expanding 10922 students and 552 teachers. During the last 25 years, SUST has placed itself in a highly reputed country for undergraduate studies.

SUST first introduces free wifi access for the students and all the staff on the whole campus. Students of the university have a significant contribution to the innovation and research field.

  • Another name: SUST
  • Motto: Inner spirit
  • Established: August 25, 1986
  • Area: 320 Acre
  • Location: Kumar Gaon, Sylhet
  • School of Studies: 07 (Seven)
  • Department: 26 (Twenty Six)
  • Institute: 02 (Two)
  • Hall: 05 (Five)
  • Affiliated College: 10 (Ten)
  • Website:

SUST Location & Area

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is located in Akhalia, Kumargaon, Sylhet, Bangladesh, approximately six kilometers away from the heart of Sylhet City Centre. The whole university is covered with a greenery vegetation environment.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is spread over 320 Acre that is big than most of the universities that support the university to flourish it’s all the sectors easily.

SUST Academic Figure

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was first formed with only three departments: Physics, Chemistry, and Economics, with 13 teachers and 205 students. The university is spread to 7 schools, 27 departments, and two institutes. SUST has 13 affiliated medical colleges. There are also five residential halls for the students.

Schools & Department

Here is the detailed information on the SUST schools and departments. Keep reading and collect the information you need.

Department Seat
Faculty of Agriculture & Mineral Sciences
Forestry & Environmental Science 55
Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
Architecture 30
Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science 50
Civil & Environmental Engineering 50
Software Engineering 50
Computer Science & Engineering 100
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 100
Food Engineering & Tea Technology 40
Industrial & Production Engineering 50
Mechanical Engineering 35
Petroleum and Mining Engineering 35
Faculty of Life Sciences
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 35
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 35
Forestry & Environment Science 55
Faculty of Management & Business Administration
Business Administration 75
Faculty of Physical Sciences
Chemistry 65
Geography and Environment 50
Mathematics 80
Physics 65
Statistics 80
Oceanography 30
Faculty of Social Sciences
Anthropology 66
Bangla 60
Economics 66
English 71
Political Studies 66
Public Administration 66
Social Work 66
Sociology 66
Faculty of School of Medical Sciences – (Affiliated Colleges)
M A G Osmani Medical College, Sylhet
Sheikh Hasina Medical College, Habiganj
Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College
North East Medical College
Sylhet Women’s Medical College
Park View Medical College

SUST Affiliated School

SUST has only one affiliated school, Shahajala University school.

  • Shahjalal University School

SUST Institute

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology contains some institutes to develop students’ progress on different topics. Consequently, they can keep pace with the modern era and problems.

Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT)

Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT) is the first and foremost institute of the SUST established in 2007. IICT offers facilities for postgraduate study in ICT for graduates. The institute aims to make the students’ ICT-based creative innovative.

Institute of Modern Languages (IML)

In the era of globalization, it is essential to know some languages are being used globally to express one’s common feelings. But there exist approximately 3500 languages in the world, and it is impossible to know all the languages for one person.

This is why some languages are only used internationally so that everyone in all the nations can understand. Among them, English is the most useful language. Also, French, Mandarin, Arabic, German are very popular.

SUST teaches all these languages through the Institute of Modern Languages (IML).

SUST Centers

There are also some centers in the SUST university like Computer & Information Center, SUST Research Center, Center of Excellence, etc. Here are some short descriptions of these centers.

SUST Computer & Information Center

The Computer & Information Center of SUST was established in March 1991. The Physics department took initiatives to form Computer & Information Center. The center is located on the 1st floor of A building.

The activity of Computer & Information Center

  • Data Center operation & management
  • Fiber Optic backbone Campus network installation, up-gradation, maintenance & management
  • Campus Wi-Fi network installation, up-gradation, management
  • Providing Intranet & Internet services through own DNS, email, Proxy, web, FTP services.
  • University Automation system design, implementation supervision & maintenance.
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting support for computers & peripherals of the departments & offices.
  • Providing professional training for teachers, officers, staff of university & outside peoples.
  • Support & cooperation of Admission Systems & ICT-related affairs of the University.
  • Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting & enhancement of IP-based campus surveillance system.

SUST Residential Hall

SUST is a government-supported university where students around the country come and gain quality information. For the accommodation of so many students, SUST set up an accommodation hall. Right now, SUST has 5 completely formed residential halls for the students.

  • Shah Paran Hall
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
  • Syed Mujtaba Ali Hall
  • Shahid Jononi Jahanara Imam Hall
  • Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury Hall

SUST Central Library

The library is an integral part of an institution that provides education services to the students. Generally, a huge collection of books is the library. It is essential for the students as well as for the staff. SUST has a central library that supports academic, research, and ICT-based information to the students.

There is a huge collection of books and hard copy journals/ periodicals in this library. The library contains more than 75 thousand books, 6 thousand hard copy journals/ periodicals, and 23 Dailies for its users. There is also a Muktijuddho Corner here.

Transcript and Certificates

All SUST students, including affiliated colleges (e.g., Medical College), can online apply for their academic transcripts. Anyone can use it through the e-payment system.

SUST Admission

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology offers BSc, BSS, BA, BBA, BSc (Engg), MS, MSS, MA, MBA, MSc (Engg), MPhil, Ph.D., BSc (Nursing), MBBS, MD, PGD program to the students and every year, SUST arranges admission program to admit new students to this university.

SUST offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and other programs. There is a system for international students to get admitted and take higher study.

SUST Research

There is an excellent contribution of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in the research sectors of the country. This university always emphasizes the Science and technology-based sectors to make the ICT-based services available and accessible.

SUST Research Center

Research is the prerequisite for a developed nation. So there is great importance on the way improvement of a nation. SUST has a research center established on July 27, 2011. There is an excellent contribution in enhancing the research environment for the faculty members of this university.

The vision of the research center is to Identify and promote the research potentials of the teachers and students of SUST through providing adequate financial, technical, and infrastructural support.

SUST Online Journals

For the convenience of the students, SUST offers and publishes online journals like E-Book Subscription for SUST, Journals Subscription for SUST, Free e-Resources for SUST From UN, Open Access Journals, Open Access Online Directory, etc.

SUST Laboratory

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology has a number of laboratories for research. The Science and Technology-based institution emphasizes hands-on experience. These labs support the students in their academic and other study-related information. Here are some labs of the SUST given below,

  • Non-Linear Optics
  • Cluster Computing Lab
  • Information Retrieval Lab
  • Plant Genetic Engineering Lab
  • Microbiology, Fermentation and Environment Biotechnology Lab
  • Environmental & Pollution Control Engineering Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics, Water and Waste Water Treatment Lab

SUST Innovation

SUST invents cancer-detecting technology where all the cancer-based services and facilities are available. This center innovates cancer within five minutes at an affordable cost. For this, there is a team of 25 members.

Center for Research, Testing, and Consultancy (CRTC)

The Center for Research, Testing and Consultancy (CRTC) commences its operation from February 8, 2007. Mainly CEE department formed this institute to provide research, testing, and consultancy services in 2003. CRTC tries to provide teaching/training to generate field-oriented manpower.

CRTC emphasizes creating professional quality teaching staff members to provide updates and necessary information effectively.

Cultural Clubs & Associations

In SUST, there are several cultural clubs and associations to flourish all the cultural parts of the country and keep them alive in the depths of all’s minds. Here are some clubs and associations of the university below.

  • SUST Debating Club (SDC)
  • Ongikar Shangskritik Songsad
  • Shikorh
  • Tourist Club
  • Shahjalal University Photography Association (SUPA)
  • Rokon Ifthekhar Memorial (RIM)
  • Theater SUST
  • Mabooi Abrittee Sansod
  • Deek Theater
  • Nongor
  • SUST Science Arena
  • Sports SUST, and so on.

SUST Student Organizations

Students of the SUST form a number of student organizations to fill up their daily needs. Here I have listed some of the organizations below.

  • Shahjalal University Photographers Association (SUPA)
  • Shahjalal University Press Club
  • Shahjalal University Debating Society (SUDS) (established in 1992)
  • SUST CAREER CLUB (SUSTCC). (established in 2012)
  • SUST School of debate, SUST-SD (established in 2014)
  • Ongikar Shangskritik Songsad (established in 1993)
  • Tourist Club SUST (established in 1995)
  • Shikorh (established in 1995)
  • Chokh Film Society (CFS) (established in 1996)
  • Rokon Ifthekhar Memorial(RIM) (established in 1997)

SUST Muktijuddho Corner

Muktijuddho Corner is an integral part of the SUST central library of the university. Here is an available book, journals, e-books, Posters, Maps, Videos Documents, etc., on the Great Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

That’s all about the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. I can’t afford to collect here all the information about the university. But I am trying to gather them all to make the article rich and informative.

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