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Begum Rokeya University (BRUR) Information

Begum Rokeya University, briefly BRUR, is a government finances public university established on 12th October 2008. Presently, students from around the country come to the university to get quality higher education. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the permanent campus on 8th January 2011.

The university has gradually become popular and well-known to the people inside and outside of the country. The university is one of the popular universities and has already taken place in the top-class universities in Bangladesh.

About Begum Rokeya University (BRUR)

Begum Rokeya University is the first public university in the Rangpur division, and the university started its academic activities on 4th April 2009. The university has been advancing rapidly with a vision of Impart’s need-oriented and modern technology-based education.

The university has arrested people’s eyes for a brief time, so many of us try to get admitted here and want to know more about the university.

This article is written with this in mind, and I have tried to add as much information so that anyone can enrich their knowledge and get an overall conception of BRUR.

  • Former Names:  University of Rangpur
  • Motto: জ্ঞানই শক্তি (English Knowledge is Power)
  • Type: Public
  • Established: 2008
  • Endowment: Publicly funded by Government (1 billion BDT per year excluding development funds)
  • Budget: 1 Billion BDT per year[citation needed)
  • Chancellor: President of Bangladesh
  • Vice-Chancellor: Hasibur Rashid
  • Academic staff: 203 (December 2015)
  • Administrative staff: 623 (December 2015)
  • Students: 7,120 (December 2015)
  • Undergraduates: 4,834 (December 2015)
  • Postgraduates: 2,286 (December 2015)
  • Location: Rangpur, Bangladesh 25.7179°N 89.2592°E
  • Campus: Urban, 75 acres (30 ha)
  • Language: Bengali, English
  • Affiliations: University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
  • Website:

Establishment Background

There was a dream of the people of the Rangpur division to get a public university in their territory that an reach out to many students desiring higher education and with a view to they have tried a lot and applied many times for a university.

After a long time, the dream of the Rangpur division’s people come true and get a university named Begum Rokeya University (BRUR) under Begum Rokeya University Act, 2009 (2009–29). In a word, BRUR is the result of long days’ movement and demand of mass people of this area.

Location & Area

Begum Rokeya University is a private university to meet the demand for higher studies to the people of North Bengal. The university is located in Park Mor, Modern, Rangpur, Bangladesh (25.7179°N 89.2592°E) between Rangpur Cadet College and Carmichael College in Rangpur. The whole campus is located on a 75 acres (30 ha) area.

Academic Body

Despite being a new university, the university has already amplified a lot, and right now, the university has a total of 6 faculties, 21 Departments, 3 residential halls where taking education around 8500 + students.

BRUR Faculty

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Social Science
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences

Faculty of Arts

  1. Department of Bangla
  2. Department of English
  3. History & Archeology

Faculty of Social Science

  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Sociology
  3. Department of Political Science
  4. Department of Gender and Development Studies
  5. Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
  6. Department of Public Administration

Faculty of Business Studies

  1. Department of Accounting and Information Systems
  2. Department of Management Studies
  3. Department of Marketing
  4. Department of Finance and Banking

Faculty of Science

  1. Department of Physics
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Mathematics
  4. Department of Statistics

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

  1. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences

  1. Department of Geography and Environmental Science
  2. Department of Disaster Management
  • Dr. Wazed Research & Training Institute
  • Disaster management E-Learning Center
  • Institutional Quality Assurance Cell,

BRUR Admission

Begum Rokeya University organizes admission tests every year as a public university in Bangladesh. As a new university, all the programs have not been opened yet but are considered. Right now, all the programs are available here.

Students from around the country and overseas come to the university to get higher education and get admitted here based on their merit lists.

-BSc (Engineering)
-BSc (Hons.)
-B.A. (Hons.)
-B.B.A. (Hons.)
-B.S.S. (Hons.)

-MSc (Engineering)

-MPhil (MPhil leading to Ph.D.)

  • Other programs

-M.B.A. (Evening)

BRUR Vision, Mission & Goals

Every institution has some mission, vision, and goals, and with these, the institution moves forward. BRUR also has contained some tasks and vision, and here are the details.

BRUR Vision

  • The university’s vision is to create skilled manpower by standard education and research to lead the nation at present and future in different fields of humanity.
  • Develop adequate infrastructure facilities to enable the smooth running of academic actives by ensuring quality.
  • Accommodate as many as 8250 students by the year 2023-2024.
  • Increase the number of departments to 33
  • Produce competent teachers and researchers in respective subjects taught in the university.
  • Publish standard journals, books, periodicals and circulate them to different universities and relevant agencies.

BRUR Mission

  • Begum Rokeya University was established to cope and gain equality with the advanced world in various fields of higher education and to create and extend opportunities for higher education, research, and study at the national level. This university will be a center of excellence for acquiring & disseminating knowledge.
  • Impart need-oriented and mordent technology-based education.
  • To attain educational excellence in the faculties and disseminate the knowledge acquired in respective fields.
  • Undertake fundamental and applied research in the relevant field of human knowledge.
  • Setup academic museums, laboratories, and research centers to promote teaching, training, and extension of research.
  • Arrange seminars, conferences, workshops, and training for teachers and staff.

BRUR Facilities

Campus Life, Central Library & Information Center, Cyber Center, Medical Service, Cafeteria & Transport services are available here. Here are the details below. Keep reading and collect information.

Campus Life

There is an eye-catching campus life in the BRUR to keep the students’ minds alive forever and make them enthusiastic. The campus keeps its festive mood all around the year. Various cultural activities, sports, academic seminar/workshop is arranged here every day.

The whole campus covers 75 acres of area, 21+ seminar libraries, 1000 students knowledge sharing, 7 student buses, and many services.

Central Library & Information Center

The library is an informative-oriented book store especially important for educational institutions. BRUR Central Library & Information Center is knowledge-based support for the students and the academic teachers and shares with the University the aspiration to be the most dynamic learning environment in the world. The library offers

  • Digital Access Center (User Terminal)
  • Reading Room Service
  • Photocopy Services
  • E-Resource Services
  • For more information, you may visit

BRUR Cyber Center

There is a Cyber Center in the BRUR directed by Prodip Kumar Sarker, Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The Cyber Center is under high-speed internet connectivity available for the students and BRUR staff where browsing internet, preparing assignments, chatting in messenger and any kinds of computer works are accomplished.

BRUR Medical Service

BRUR provides medical services to its students, teachers, and other staff. To run the complete services, there are 3 MBBS & 1 BDS doctor, a team of nurs, and other staff.

Medical center facilities:

  • Students are provided free medical services through medical cards.
  • Students are provided free medicine.
  • Medical services are offered free of cost to 3 teachers and staff.

Medical center services:

  1.  Except for weekly holidays (Friday and Saturday) and public holidays, medical and dental services are provided through outdoor services from 9 am to 5 pm, except for weekly holidays (Friday and Saturday) and public holidays.
  2. 24 hours ambulance service is provided (Ambulance-01313-01337)
  3. ECG Emergency medical services, including blood pressure, diabetic diagnostic tests, are made head.

Residential Halls

BRUR residential halls have been built only for the students, and there is a total of four residential halls in the BRUR; two are for males, and two are for females.

For male students

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall
  • Sohid Mukhtar Elahi Hall

For female students

  • Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall
  • Sheikh Hasina Hall (under construction)

That’s all I have for you. Though I have tried to add here all information, Some information may be omitted. If you have any information, you may send us via a comment. You may visit or visit BRUR Wiki for more details.

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Shohanur is an editor for the University Admission BD website. He writes about the admission process of different universities in Bangladesh. He also writes about the various scholarships, results, question banks, suggestions, and financial aid available for students.

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