Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) Information

Bangladesh University of Professionals BUP is one of the popular public and general category universities in Bangladesh and the only university run by the Bangladesh Armed Forces. It is the 31st public university (according to the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh) in Bangladesh, established on 05 June 2008.

BUP provides a calm, enjoyable, pollution-free environment and, above all, an uninterrupted and congenial academic atmosphere where everything is run, monitored, and controlled by expert regulatory bodies.

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

BUP is a unique public university run by the armed forces upholding the motto “Excellence Through Knowledge” (জ্ঞানের মাধ্যমে উৎকর্ষ সাধন). It is determined to help students attain unbounded knowledge, skills, and abilities by growing in them a curious mindset, self-discipline, and interpersonal skills.

However, as it is a new university, we have many things to know about the university, and so here I have tried to accumulate some information for you. Keep reading patiently.

BUP Establishment Background

The long-standing need for an education and training institute for the armed forces was one of the main reasons for establishing the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).

Armed Forces experts have realized the importance of keeping pace with the fast-growing ICT-based world, and so they are determined to improve themselves and keep themselves under one umbrella.

However, finally, to fill up all their demons, the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) journey starts.

BUP Location & Area

Bangladesh University of Professionals is located in a very important place. BUP is located in Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka, 1216, Bangladesh (23.8411°N 90.3577°E). Presently the whole campus is on the 23 hectares (56 acres) area where all the academic and administrative activities are accomplished nicely.

BUP Admission System

BUP conducts the admission process with a strict hand. The university conducts 16 undergraduate programs, 5 regular graduate programs, a Postgraduate program, and Certificate courses. BUP operates an admission test every year to get admitted students to their university.

The BUP operates the programs.

BUP Academic Body

BUP contains a large academic body with 5 faculties and a number of departments and Higher Studies & Research, Modern Language Center, and some affiliated institutions. To get details, keep reading the following.

Bangladesh University of Professionals Faculty

  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies
  • Faculty of Medical Studies

Faculty of Science and Technology

  1. Department of Information and Communication Technology
  2. Department of Environmental Science

Faculty of Business Studies

  1. Department of Business Administration – General
  2. Department of Business Administration in Accounting & Information Systems
  3. Department of Business Administration in Marketing
  4. Department of Business Administration in Finance & Banking
  5. Department of Business Administration in Management Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Disaster & Human Security Management
  3. Department of English
  4. Department of Development Studies
  5. Department of Public Administration
  6. Department of Sociology

Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies

  1. Department of International Relations
  2. Department of Law
  3. Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
  4. Department of Peace, Conflict and Human Rights Studies

Faculty of Medical Studies

Centre for Higher Studies & Research: 

  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Postdoctoral Research
  • Publications

Centre for Modern Languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Arabic

Bangladesh University of Professionals Affiliates Institutions

  • Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)
  • Army Institute of Business Administration (Army IBA)
  • Army Medical Colleges (AMC)
  • Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA)
  • Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA)
  • Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA)
  • Defense Service Command and Staff College (DSCSC)
  • Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
  • National Defense College (NDC)
  • Proyas Institute of Special Education and Research (PISER)

Campus Life

Bangladesh University of Professionals provides colorful and well-decorated campus life with modern facilities and services. Right now, around 8000 students study here. There are also 380 accommodations 21 clubs, and so on.

BUP Clubs

The Bangladesh University of Professionals provides 21 clubs for the students’ improvements to prove themselves as suitable for any of the upcoming obstacles. Here is a series of BUP clubs.

  1. BUP Cultural Forum
  2. BUP Career Club
  3. BUP Economics Club
  4. BUP Business & Communication Club
  5. BUP Law & Moot Court Club
  6. BUP Global Affairs Council
  7. BUP Film Club
  8. BUP Literature And Drama Club
  9. BUP Photography Society
  10. BUP Debating Club
  11. BUP Finance Society
  12. BUP Development Leader’s Club
  13. Quizzers Club Of BUP
  14. BUP Research Society
  15. BUP Infotech Club
  16. BUP Robotics Club
  17. Environmental Club Of BUP
  18. BUP Accounting Forum
  19. BUP Human Resource And Leadership Club (HRLC)
  20. IEEE BUP Student Branch
  21. BUP Disaster Management Forum (BUPDMF)

BUP Library and Archive

The library of the BUP set out its journey in 2010 with approximately 500 books. Presently, the library is very modern and airconditioned and located at the 3rd story of MIST Administrative Building with 17000 books and 2800 journals/magazines.

The library room is 10600 10600 square feet, where it set out only 200 feet. Besides the usual books and journals, BUP provides all learning amenities and strives to utilize cutting-edge technology and incorporate world-famous electronic scholarly assets.

BUP ICT Services

Making the student expert on Infomation and Communication Technology, Bangladesh University of Professionals provides ICT service to keep the students up to date with modernization.

BUP has 1000+ computers with internet connections in classrooms, computer labs, cyber centers, and language centers to conduct student education, research activities, and routine job. Everywhere of the university supports high-speed internet service.

Cafeteria & Accommodation

BUP also provides Cafataria & Accommodation services to its students. There is a vast cafeteria for the students where all the necessary facilities are available. BUP Cafeteria provides quality food and services at an affordable price to the students, teachers, officials, staff, and guests.

It also provides snacks and traditional foods on various items and remains open for the students from 7.30 am to 8.00 pm. It is always kept clean and a suitable place for hanging out.

BUP Mission & Vision

  • To develop the civil and military human capital through advanced education and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.
  • Bangladesh University of Professionals will emerge as a leading university for professionals and general students through need-based education and research with a global perspective.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Highest ethical and moral uprightness.
  • Discipline: Strict discipline in all activities.
  • Creativity: Creativity in all spheres.
  • Commitment: High-quality academic standards.
  • Wisdom: Enhanced education and research.


  • To become a leading public university in Bangladesh and the region.
  • To promote knowledge in science and technology, business, medicine, social science, strategy, and security.
  • To promote leadership and civil-military relationship.
  • To develop intellectual and practical expertise.
  • To provide the best possible academic atmosphere.
  • To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage, and traditions.
  • To facilitate higher education in the Armed Forces.
  • To prepare the Faculty and Staff with necessary competencies.
  • To deliver competent professionals relevant to the demands of society.
  • To sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners.
  • To provide efficient services to support programs, campus community, and quality of life.

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is now a reputable educational institution. It was almost impossible to narrate the whole university before you. I will try to add here more information to make the article more rich and informative.

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