Pabna University of Science And Technology (PUST)

Pabna University of Science And Technology (PUST) Information

Pabna University of Science And Technology briefly PUST is a general category Science And Technology University in Bangladesh established in 2008. It is the 7th science and technology University and the 29th public University in Bangladesh. There is a total of 4500 students taking quality education from here.

As a Science And Technology University, then University promotes excellence in higher education by producing skilled manpower and enlightened citizens based on science and technology to produce quality graduates to meet national and global challenges.

The present era is the era of science and Technology. So to keep pace with the globalized world, students must have Science And Technology-based knowledge to overcome all the future upcoming obstacles.

Keep it in mind; the University offers technology-based education with professional, skilled, tactful, and preserving instructors.

Pabna University of Science And Technology

Pabna University of Science And Technology is a need-based education providing University it means, PUST provides all the education essential for the students.

The government passed the Act on 15 July 2001 to establish a science and technology university in Pabna. The academic curriculum of the Pabna University of Science and Technology was started on 05 June 2008.

PUST University At a Glance

  • Founded: 2008
  • University Day: 05 June
  • Chancellor: Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid Advocate Honorable President, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Dr. M. Rostom Ali
  • Faculty: 5 Faculties
  • Departments: 21 Departments
  • Institutes : 0 Institutes
  • Location: Pabna, Bangladesh
  • Teachers: 177 Teachers
  • Officers: 90 Officers
  • Students: 4500(Approx.)
  • Campus: Urban, 30 acres
  • Phone: +880731 66742
  • Fax: +880731-65173
  • Website:

PUST Academic Body

Pabna University of Science And Technology contains 21 departments under the 5 faculties. Here is the detail below.

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
  • Faculty of Life and Earth Science

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  1. Computer Science and Engineering (Dept Code: 01)
  2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Dept Code: 02)
  3. Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (Dept Code: 05)
  4. Information and Communication Engineering (Dept Code: 06)
  5. Civil Engineering (Dept Code: 11)
  6. Architecture (Dept Code: 12)
  7. Urban and Regional Planning (Dept Code: 17)

Faculty of Science

  1. Mathematics (Dept Code: 03)
  2. Physics (Dept Code: 07)
  3. Pharmacy (Dept Code: 13)
  4. Chemistry (Dept Code: 14)
  5. Statistics (Dept Code: 16)

Faculty of Business Studies

  1. Business Administration (Dept Code: 04)
  2. Tourism and Hospitality Management (Dept Code: 21)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

  1. Economics (Dept Code: 08)
  2. Bangla (Dept Code: 10)
  3. Social Work (Dept Code: 15)
  4. English (Dept Code: 18)
  5. Public Administration (Dept Code: 19)
  6. History and Bangladesh Studies (Dept Code: 20)

Faculty of Life and Earth Science

  1. Geography and Environment (Dept Code: 09)

PUST Location & Area

Pabna University of Science and Technology is located in the heart of Pabna district (277H+89 Pabna), and it is on the south side of the Pabna Dhaka highway. PUST is very close to the Bangladesh Open University, Pabna. The University stands on about 30 acres of land with several multi-storied buildings.

PUST Admission

Pabna University of Science and Technology is a science and Technology based university, and it offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the students. The University takes an admission program every year.

If you want to get admitted to the University, you have to know the admission-related information. To know admission-related details, you may visit PUST Admission.

PUST Offers The Following Academic Programs:

  • B.Sc.(Engineering)
  • B.Sc.(Honours)
  • B.B.A
  • BURP
  • B.Arch.
  • B.Pharm. (Professional)
  • B.A(Honours)
  • B.S.S(Honours)
  • MBA (Regular)
  • M.Sc. Engineering and M. Engineering
  • M.Pharm.
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D

PUST Facility

PUST, Science & Technology University, provides all the facilities need to provide to the students. As the University ensures need-oriented and modern technology-based education, it tries to fill up all the demands to achieve the highest goal. Here are some notable services and facilities for the students.

Central Library

PUST offers a central library for the students. It is a library and the information center where the students are provided need-based services that are needed for the students. The library carries all the books and other things to improve academic growth and help understand the research.

Residence Facilities

Residential facilities are now essential for the students to ensure their desirable improvement. With this in mind, PUST also offers residential halls for the students so that the students from far areas can continue their studies without any obstacles.

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall (Male)
  • Sheikh Rasel Hall (under construction) (Male)
  • FemaleSheikh Hasina hall (Female)
  • Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Mujib Hall(Under construction) (Female)
  • Teacher dormitories: There are two dormitories for teachers.

ICT Cell Sheba

PUST has ICT Cell Sheba for the students and teachers. This cell helps both students and teachers improve their skills and make them advance to the competitive world.

Medical Facilities

Pabna University of Science and Technology has a medical unit that provides medical facilities to the students, teachers, and others. All the university students can get physical treatment and consultation from the University medical.

Also, PUST offers online examinations for the students. If you need more information about the University, leave a comment below.

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