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JKKNIU Subject List & Seats (All Unit) | Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University Subject List & Seats

JKKNIU Subject List is here for you. Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University is one of the new public universities in Bangladesh. It is situated in Mymensingh. There are some subjects and faculties at this university. A huge number of students want to appear on the JKKNIU admission test. I think They should know the JKKNIU all unit subject list.

JKKNIU Subject List & Seats Of All Unit

I think this article will be very helpful for those students who want to admit to JKKNIU. It will be added an extra dimension to any student’s knowledge. So, every student should read this article to know the JKKNIU subject list.

JKKNIU A Unit Subject List & Seats

Bengali literature & English Literature belongs to the FA- Unit of JKKNIU. Any student can attend the JKKNIU FA- Unit admission test. Students should know the JKKNIU FA- Unit Subject list. It enhances his/her knowledge.

Unit Sub Unit Faculty Department Seats
FA- Unit FA-1 Faculty of Arts Bangla Language and Literature Division 55
English Language and Literature Division 50
Film & Medial Studies 25
Philosophy 50
FA-2 Faculty of Arts Music 55
Theatre & Performance Studies 25

JKKNIU B Unit Subject List & Seats

Engineering Faculty refers to the FSE Unit. It is the Engineering Unit. Only science background students are allowed to the JKKNIU FSE unit admission test. If they can get a chance to be in the JKKNIU FSE Unit.

Unit Faculty Subject
FSE Faculty of Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) 40
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 40
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) 40
Statistics Division 40

JKKNIU C Unit Subject List & Seats

Here is the demandable unit, which means the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). There are four subjects in this unit. Each subject is very demanding for the students. They want to admit to this unit. So they should know the JKKNIU FBA unit Subject list.

Unit Faculty Subject Seats
FBA Faculty of Business Administration Accounting and Information Systems Division- 50
Finance and Banking Division- 50
Department of Management 50
Human Resource Management Division 50
Management department 30

JKKNIU D Unit Subject List & Seats

Every year a lot of students attend the JKKNIU FSS unit admission test. They should know the JKKNIU FSS  Unit subject list. It will be helpful for every student. See the JKKNIU FSS unit subject list. I have given it below.

Unit Faculty Subject Seats
FSS Social Science Economy Division
Public Administration and Government Management Education Division 50
Law and Justice Department 50
Section 1 of the Folklore 50
Department of Anthropology 50
Population Science Division 50
Local Government and Urban Development Department 50
Department of Sociology 50

JKKNIU FL Unit Subject List & Seats

Fine Arts faculty means FL unit. It is one of the specialized units of JKKNIU. Some students attend the JKKNIU FL unit admission test. It has only one department. You should know the JKKNIU all subject list. See it below.

Unit Faculty Subject Seats
FL Law Law & Justice 50

JKKNIU FFA Unit Subject List & Seats

Here are the subjects list and seats of the FFA faculty. There is only faculty and subject under the unit named Fine Arts and there are 40 seats for this department.

Unit  Faculty Subject Seats
FFA Fine Arts Fine Arts 40

If you think, you need more information to know, let us know by your comment. We will try to add your recommended information to our website. Thank you.

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