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JUST All Unit Subject List

You have to read this full article to know JUST subject lists. Jashore University of Science and Technology is located in the south part of Bangladesh. It is one of the science and technology category public universities in Bangladesh. A lot of students apply for the JUST admission test.

In this post, I have written & given all subjects of JUST. I think you should read this full article to know the JUST all subjects.

JUST A Unit Subject List

The JUST authority has allowed the students interested to read in the Engineering Faculty. A unit refers to the Engineering faculty. Only science background students can apply for the JUST A unit. See the A unit subjects below.

Departments Faculty
Computer Science and Engineering. Engineering
Chemical Engineering.
Industrial and Production Engineering.
Petroleum and Mining Engineering.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Biomedical Engineering.
Textile Engineering.
Lather Technology.

JUST B Unit Subject List

Here is another technology unit. This is the Biology and Technology unit. Only Science background students can apply for this unit. I have provided the JUST B Unit with all subject lists. See the subject below.

Departments Faculty
Microbiology Biology & Technology
Fisheries and Merin Bioscience
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

JUST C Unit Subject List

C Unit belongs to the Science and Technology unit. Science background students allow for the JUST C unit admission test. There are six subjects in this unit. I have given it below. See it

Departments Faculty
Environmental Science and Technology. Science & Technology
Nutrition and Food Technology.
Agro Product Processing Technology

JUST D Unit Subject List

Arts & Social Science faculty mean D Unit. Students who are interested to read in the Arts and Social Science faculty. There are only two subjects here. I have provided it below.

Departments Faculty
English Arts & Social Science

JUST E Unit Subject List

Health Science is one of the most important faculties in JUST. It is a specialized unit. Science background students allow for this unit—only three subjects in this faculty.

Departments Faculty
Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS) Health Science
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Nursing Science (NS)

JUST F Unit Subject List

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) refers to the F Unit. Only commerce background students can apply for this unit. It is a very demanding unit for students. I have given it below.

Departments Faculty
Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) BBA
Finance and Banking

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