BSMRSTU Subject List

BSMRSTU Subject List Of All Unit

I have written about the BSMRSTU all unit subject list in this blog. If you read this full article, you will be able to know the BMRSTU all unit subject list. So read this full article.

BSMRSTU All Unit Subject List

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University is known as BSMRSTU. BSMRSTU has recently published an admission circular of their all total 8 Units. All Unit and all faculty subject list of BSMRSTU has been added to this article. Please continue reading.

BSMRSTU A Unit Subject List

There are only six subjects in this unit. Only science background students can apply for this unit. You should know the subject lists.

Departments Faculty
Computer Science and Engineering Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Food and Agroproccess Engineering

BSMRSTU B Unit Subject List

This is the Science faculty. Science background students can apply for this unit. No other group student allows for this unit. See it below.

Departments Faculty
Environmental Science & Disaster Management

BSMRSTU C Unit Subject List

Here is another life science faculty. There are five subjects in this faculty. I have provided all subjects here; see it below.

Departments Faculty
Pharmacy Life Science
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BSMRSTU D Unit Subject List

D unit belongs to the Arts faculty. Any group of students can apply for this unit. There are only three subjects here. I have given it below.

Departments Faculty
English Arts

BSMRSTU E Unit Subject List

Social Science faculty means E unit. Any group of students can apply for this unit. You should know all subjects of this unit.

Departments Faculty
Sociology Social Science
Public Administration
International Relations

BSMRSTU F Unit Subject List

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) refers to the F unit. Only commerce background students allow for this F unit admission test. See these subjects below.

Departments Faculty
Accounting and Information Systems BBA
Finance and Banking
Tourism and Hospitality Management

BSMRSTU G Unit Subject List

Law is the most valuable subject for all kinds of students. Many students want to appear in this law faculty. There is only one subject in this faculty.

Departments Faculty
Law Law

BSMRSTU H Unit Subject List

Agricultural Institute belongs to the H unit. There are only four subjects here. I have tried to give all subjects of the H unit. You should see this post.

Departments Faculty
Agriculture Agriculture Institute
Fisheries and Marine Bioscience
Livestock Science and Veterinary Medicine

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University has been running since 2011. The education system is very appreciated. All the subject lists of BSMRSTU are based on their official website. Thanks for visiting.

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