Bangladesh Agricultural University Subject List

List Of Bangladesh Agricultural University Subject List

If you want to appear in the BAU admission test, you should know the BAU of all subject lists. If you know this matter, it will be helpful for you. Bangladesh Agricultural University is situated in the Mymensing district.

It has a beautiful large campus. I have written about Bangladesh Agricultural University’s all subjects in this article. So read this full article to know BAU subject lists.

Bangladesh Agricultural University Subject List

I have tried to give Bangladesh Agricultural University’s subject lists. BAU has some faculties and some subjects. Bangladesh Agricultural University has a total of 7 faculties.

Each of the faculties comprises One or more Subjects. The Faculties and subjects, along with the seat number, are given below. See the below.

Subjects Name Course Name Seat Number
Veterinary Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 191
Agriculture B.Sc. in Agriculture 320
Animal Husbandry BSc in Animal Husbandry 191
Agricultural Economy and Rural Sociology BSc in Agricultural Economic 106
Agricultural Engineering and Technology BSc in Agricultural Engineering 100
Food Engineering BSc in Food Engineering 50
Fisheries BSc in Fisheries (Honor’s) 120
Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security BSc in Food Safety Management 30

A total of 1108 students get a chance to admit this university at the undergraduate level each year. There are some seats for the Freedom fighter quotas and Minor Tribes. If you want to apply, you have some qualifications.

If you face any problem applying to BAU, you can contact us. Let us know by your comment in the comment box. We will help you.

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