IUB Tuition Fee & Payment Process

IUB Tuition Fees & Payment Process 2024 | Independent University, Bangladesh Tuition Fees

Independent University, Bangladesh tuition fee & payment process is obtainable here. Independent University, Bangladesh has mentioned all the fee-related information on this site, and this fee-related information is very important for those who want to get admitted to the university. Both Undergraduate and Graduate tuition fees are gathered here.

IUB Tuition Fees & Fee Payment Process

Independent University, Bangladesh is a top-ranked No 1 private university in Bangladesh, and so most of the students of this country get admitted here, and so in most cases, they ask about the IUB tuition fee and fee payment process. With this in mind, I have arranged all the information you are looking for here. For more,, visit iub.edu.bd.

IUB Tuition Fees

*Female students may avail 10% discount on tuition fees ( conditions apply).

IUB Tuition Fee

What are the tuition fees of the Independent University, Bangladesh, or what will be the cost if I want to pursue my study at the Independent University, Bangladesh, are the most common questions.

Today,  I’m going to provide all the tuition fees and other fee-related information here if you are interested in getting the information, then roll your eyes over the following information.

Undergraduate Tuition Fee

If you are interested in getting admitted to any of the undergraduate courses, then the following information is for you.

Admission Form 1,000/-
Admission Fee 25,000/- (Once in 4 years)
Tuition Fees @ Credit 5,500/- (Existing students)
6,000/- (For Autumn’17 students and onwards)*
Library, Computer, Laboratory & Student Activities Fee (@semester): 6,000/- (Existing students)
7,000/- (For Autumn’17 students and onwards)
O Levels & A Levels certificate verification: 2,000/-
*All new female students will get a 10% discount on Tuition Fees per credit hour for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

MBA & EMBA Tuition Fees

The MBA and EMBA courses are different, and so the tuition fees are not the same. Here are the detailed tuition fees and other fee information.

MBA Tuition Fees

Application Form 1,000/-
Admission fee 20,000/-
Activity Fee 7,000/- (Once during admission)
Tuition Fees @ Credit 6,000/-  (Total Tuition fee = Tk. 6,000 × 60 = Tk. 3,60,000)
Grand Total 3,88,000/-
*All female students will get a 10% discount on Tuition Fees per credit hour for the graduate program

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Application Form 1,000/-
Admission fee 20,000/-
Activity Fee 7,000/- (Once during admission)
Tuition Fees @ Credit 6,500 (Total Tuition fee = Tk. 6,500 × 48 = Tk. 3,12,000)
Grand Total 3,40,000/-
*All female students will get a 10% discount on Tuition Fees per credit hour for the graduate program

IUB Tuition Fee Payment Process

There are to pay the tuition and other fees: Bank Boot: Bankline gateways, and Standard Chartered Bank through BEFTN. Here is the detailed process of how to pay IUB tuition fees.

IUB Tuition Fee Payment Through Bank Booth

There are two banks connected to the Independent University, Bangladesh, and anyone can pay tuition fees through these banks. To pay the fee through the bank, print the course registration billing statement and visit any of these banks within due time.

  1. Mutual Trust Bank (MTB) and
  2. Dhaka Bank

IUB Tuition Fee Payment Through Online Gateway

Independent University, Bangladesh operates all these tuition fees and other fees with Software Shop Limited (SSL), where students can quickly pay their fees using all types of AMEX, VISA,
Master Cards, Nexus, Q-Cash, Payza, internet banking, and mobile banking with various banks. For this, follow these steps,

  • Register courses through IRAS
  • Please go to payment options and choose to pay fees online (payment instructions will automatically follow).
  • After completion of online payment, the payee will receive an automated SMS confirmation instantly.

IUB Tuition Fee Payment to Standard Chartered Bank through BEFTN

Please transfer the net payable amount (as per the course billing statement) from your respective bank’s branch/online banking through BEFTN from anywhere across the country by submitting a BEFTN transfer request at your designated bank branch counters or originating the transaction from your bank’s respective online banking platform (where applicable). Here is some information you need,

  • Beneficiary Name: Independent University, Bangladesh
  • Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
  • Branch Name: Gulshan
  • Routing Number: 215271787 or 215261726
  • Account No 77100xxxxxxx. (Please input your Student ID instead of xxxxxxx. For example, if your Student ID is 1912345, the Account No. will be 771001912345).

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