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BRAC University Tuition Fees For All Departments

BRAC University is a leading private university in Bangladesh. This university is top-rated in Bangladesh in providing quality education. There is a number of students taking education at this university, and every year, a huge number of students get admitted here.

In this case, the students who want to study here want to know about BRAC University Tuition Fee. If you are one of them, then his article will be helpful for you. From here, you will get an overall informal on the BRAC University Tuition Fees.

BRAC University Tuition Fees Details

BRAC University tuition fee is not so high, and it varies on the department. Here both Undredrgaduate and postgraduate program tuition fees are given below. Focus on the following information and take down all the information you need.

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Admission Application Fee Tk. 1,500/-  and the fee will be paid through bKash, Dhaka Bank Ltd, One Bank Ltd, and Southeast Bank Ltd.

Non-Refundable Tuition Fees

These fees are non-refundable, including admission fees, course fees, lab, and other fees.

Particulars PHR ARC and CSE Other Programs Note
Admission fee Tk. 28,000/- Tk. 28,000/- Tk. 28,000/- One time
Course fee Tk. 39,600/- Tk. 39,600/- Tk. 39,600/- For two courses
Semester fee Tk. 11,000/- Tk. 7,700/- Tk. 7,700/-
Studio lab fee/lab fee Tk. 2,750/-
Library membership fee Tk. 2,000/- Tk. 2,000/- Tk. 2,000/- One time
Total Tk. 80,600/- Tk. 80,050/- Tk. 77,300/-

Freshman Course Offerings

Based on the admission test results, a student will have to take one or more of the following courses:

a. ENG 101 (Credit course)
b. ENG 102 (Credit course)
c. ENG 091 (Non-credit course)
d. MAT 091 (Non-credit course)
e. MAT 092 (Non-credit course)

The exact number of course(s) a student is required to take will be shown against each student’s name in the test result.

The initial admission fee includes a fee of Tk. 39,600 for two courses. Any additional course up to a maximum of four (4) in total will incur a fee of Tk. 19,800 for each subsequent course.

A student taking two non-credit courses will not accept any additional course(s).

*Fees can be changed as per the decision of the university


  • B.Arch Studio Fee per Credit  Tk. 7,200
  • Tuition Fee per Credit  Tk. 6,600

Tuition Fees for Postgraduate Students

The following fees are for Postgraduate students. If you are eager to get admitted to the BRAC Postgraduate course, you are asked to look for the information in the following table.

 Fresher Enrollment Fees
 Admission Fee (Non- Refundable) Tk. 25,000 (One Time)
 Tuition Fee Per Credit
 For EMBA/MBM Tk. 6,500
 For All Other Programs Tk. 6,000
 Semester Fee
 Fee Per Semester (IT facility, Library, Student Activities) Tk. 7,000

Tuition Fees for Foreign Students

Fees for international students are given here in the following table. Keep reading for a good concept on this topic.

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) US$ 400
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities) As for local students’ fees
Tuition Fee per credit (For Developed countries) Double local students’ fees.
Tuition Fee per credit (For Developing and SAARC countries) As for local students’ fees

Tuition Fees for Visiting Students (Undergraduate)

The visiting students’ fees (Undergraduate) are slightly higher than the postgraduate student’s after all the tuition fees.

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Tk. 14,000
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities) Same as local student fees.
Tuition Fee (Per credit) Tk. 6,600

Tuition Fees for Visiting Students (Postgraduate)

In the following table, there is detailed information on tuition fees for the visiting students of Postgraduate. If you are one of them, then this table is for you.

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Tk. 12,500
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities) Same as local student fees.
Tuition Fee (Per credit) Tk. 6,000

BRAC University Tuition Fee Payment Model

The tuition fee payment mode is different between foreign and local students. Focus on the following table. I hope you will be clear.

For Foreign Students
Account Name: Brac University (Collection A/C)
Account Number: 1501200132106002
Bank Name: BRAC Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: 1, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212
For Local Students
BRAC Bank Ltd. (BRAC University collection booth)
Dhaka Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)
IFIC Bank Ltd. (Mohakhali Branch)
ONE Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)
Southeast Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)

*May increase with a notice before a semester.

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