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It is important for the students that they should have clear knowledge about the university’s all unit subject list.  JU is one of the older universities in Bangladesh. Almost all the students wanted to appear in the JU admission test. So, they should have clear knowledge about the JU subject list.

Jahangirnagar University Subject List Of All Unit

In this blog post, I have written & given the JU all unit subject list. So, read this full article to know the JU all unit subject list.

JU A Unit Subject List

There are some faculties and some subjects in Jahangirnagar University. A Unit associated with the Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Studies. Here, I have provided the JU A unit for all subjects.

Subject Faculty
Mathematics Mathematical & Physical Studies
Geological Sciences
Computer Science and Engineering
Environmental Sciences

JU B Unit Subject List

JU B Unit refers to the Social Science Faculty. students who are interested to admit to the social science faculty, they appear in the JU B Unit admission test. There are six subjects in this faculty. See it below.

Subjects  Faculty
Economics Social Science
Geography & Environment
Government & Politics
Urban & Regional Planning
Public Administration

DU A Unit Subject List

JU C Unit Subject List

C Unit consists of some disciplines of Arts & Humanities Faculty. JU authority offers to the students those who interested to admit to the Arts and Humanities faculty. You should know the JU B Unit subject list. See it below.

Subjects Faculty
Bangla Arts & Humanities
English Arts & Humanities
History Arts & Humanities
Philosophy Arts & Humanities
Archaeology Arts & Humanities
International Relations Arts & Humanities
International Relations Arts & Humanities

DU B Unit Subject List

JU C1 Unit Subject List

Here is the Fine Arts faculty. C1 unit refers to the Fine arts faculty. Only two subjects included in this faculty. See these two subjects in this blog post

Subjects Faculty
Drama & Dramatics Fine Arts
Fine Arts Fine Arts

DU C Unit Subject List

See The JU Subject List of JU part-2. Keep your eyes on our website. Thank you so much.

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